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Small Cap Core – Q2 2023 Commentary

July 24th, 2023
The Market  The second quarter of 2023 witnessed several significant market events that shaped the U.S. economy.  First, the broader market surged, driven by robust corporate earnings and positive economic indicators, propelling major indices to all-time highs.  However, concerns over inflation and rising short-term interest rates led to increased market volatility, with investors closely monitoring…

Small Cap Core – Q1 2023 Commentary

April 25th, 2023
The Market  While the markets were focused on how the Federal Reserve might modulate economic growth in 2023, an attack came from the blindside.  An abrupt bank crisis developed, helping the Fed cool the economy without slamming on its own brakes.  As we and others have described and discussed this crisis in various forums already,…

Small Cap Core – Q4 2022 Commentary

January 27th, 2023
The Market  The theme has once again been the direction and tenor of inflation.  The Federal Reserve is in the powerful yet tenuous position of modulating inflation while retaining some modicum of economic vitality.  Management teams and their operating groups are beginning to conquer the disarray of the supply chain that reigned over 2022.  Then…

Small Cap Core – Q3 2022 Commentary

October 21st, 2022
The Market  This quarter has been a downbeat one for small cap stocks and other asset classes.  Small cap stocks, as measured by the Russell 2000®, have lost about 25% of their value this year.  The Federal Reserve has endeavored to quell inflation after a challenging stretch.  Yet, month after month in 2022, the CPI…