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All Cap Value – Q2 2023 Commentary

July 31st, 2023
The unprecedented stimulus by the Federal Government over the last 30 months has proved difficult to contain and continues to drive a hot economy with demand outstripping the supply chain’s ability to keep up. Regarding demand, since 2020, the Federal Government has unleashed close to $5 trillion of stimulus related to the COVID19 Pandemic with…

All Cap Value – Q4 2022 Commentary

January 27th, 2023
After lying dormant for decades, the resurrection of high inflation during 2022 was a shock to nearly all markets from equities to bonds to cryptocurrencies to even cash. The S&P® 500, Nasdaq Composite and Russel 2000® declined 18.1%, 33.1% and 20.4%, respectively, for the year. Bonds were hit by higher interest rates as the yield on…